March 14, 2001


My hero wore thinning gray hair and collared flannel shirts.
He was a man of dignity, pride, and humility.
He understood human mistakes, poverty, and undeserved love.
This man had contagious laughter and a respected smile.
For him, serving others was not a choice,
helping the needy was not required
but given - gladly.
Love was abundant,
from grandchildren to strangers.
My memories are simple;
the banker of Monopoly (as well as the winner),
the king of ping pong, and a love of God.
Some say my grandfather was conquered by a monster called cancer,
but I tell them no, he has not lost.
He has won the most important battle - the battle of life, love, and respect.
And therefore, he has also won my heart.
He is my HERO.

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