December 2, 2005

We are Getting Married!

Its finally happened! Tuesday night Adam proposed to me! It was wonderful. We were in Atlanta, Georgia working a Microsoft show(I know, I know), and he completely surprised me. After work, we went to Ray's on the River, a beautiful seafood place right on the river.We ate a good dinner and then headed downtown to Piedmont Park. He told me that the consierge had told him about this place, but really he had been checking it out for weeks. It was about 11:15pm and we snuck into the park (it had closed at 11). It was so lovely, the yellow, red, and orange trees that had only the glow of street lights. We walked down some steps onto the dock of a private lake, it was absolutely beautiful. We stood at the end of the dock, surrounded by water- it was dark and cool, the stars shining magnificently above us. Adam pulled a piece of paper out of his jacket. He told me it was a reply to the letter I had written to him earlier that day. We walked into the light as he read his letter. About halfway through, my heart started pounding. He finished his words and with one smooth move, got down on one knee and said those famous words...Amanda Bliss McClintock, will you marry me? Needless to say I was Laughing and screaming, I nearly knocked him over. He had to remind me to give him my answer! Anyway, it was wonderful, and I am so happy! My ring is so beautiful and I am so proud to be with Adam.

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