October 1, 2007

Tony Romo

So, I recently have become a football fan. Nothing hardcore, but I do enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboys win. As I have followed the games this season, I have tried to learn the names of the best players, follow the teams and what they rank, find out what these silly terms mean, yada yada ya. Well, last Tuesday I had the opportunity to hear Tony Romo speak. I was counting people at a "Get Motivated Seminar" at Reunion Arena and they happened to invite Romo to speak. Here he was, one of the best football players in the league (currently), speaking to over 30,000 business leaders, and what do you think he wore? An oversized white T-shirt and jeans. I am for real. He was not a very good speaker and he had trouble relating to his audience. Needless to say, although I didn't have great expectations for him, I left less than impressed. I could have given a better motivational speech. So I passed him off for your "average Pro-football player". Until today. Adam and I watched the Cowboys play the St Louis Rams (my other fav, regardless of their current record for the season). We watched them play, praising them along the way, when it happened. 3rd and 3, bad snap over Romo's head. The ball rolled 10 or 12 yards back, he kicked the ball in an attempt to pick up the ball, it continued to roll. 2nd attempt, Tony Romo scooped up the ball rushing forward. He ran, evaded 3 or more tackles, and ran some more...Romo rushed the ball for 34 yards for the first down! (if you don't know what I just said...it was a great play) The announcers praised that this play would be recorded for years to come. It was then that I felt foolish. I had expected too much of Tony Romo. He is a great quarterback and that is what he gets paid to do - he doesn't make his living off of public speaking(if he did he probably would be broke). Anyway, it was a great reminder that we all have areas of expertise, we shouldn't allow ourselves to be judges of who and what. I'm glad I'm not a football player, but I'm glad he is. He's fun to watch and Rick doesn't like him.
I'm a homo for Romo.

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