June 23, 2008

Thunder Storm

Hmm. I'm sitting on the front porch at my in-laws in Texas. It's pouring rain, there is lightning and thunder. The rain is pounding on the roof so hard, I can't hear anything else. Its funny how much you miss life's simple gifts when you don't have them anymore. Its really sunny where I live now. I mean REALLY sunny. You don't have to check the forcast to plan an outdoor event. It's nice, but there is something about the rain that is refreshing, soothing, inviting. Especially Texas rain, it rains hard, like the clouds are angry.
Have you ever gone back to the place your from and felt like you never left? I moved away from Missouri almost 6 years ago and still, when I drive into Neosho, I feel like the rest of my life has been a dream. Like I never left the city. Now that I haved moved again, I am finding the same. This is my first time back to Dallas since we moved about 2and a half months ago. Everything is extrememly familiar and it feels like we never left. Our home in Alpine is just a dream. Fortunately its not, we live there.
Alpine already feels like home to me. When I moved to Texas, I planned on it being a temporary adventure, so it always felt like it was. I never felt settled like I could put down roots. But I do feel like that now. I plan to live in CA for a long time. As long as the Lord allows. I like it there. I do wish it rained more.

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