July 16, 2008

Kayaking, Sharks, and Romance

Yesterday was Adam and I's 2nd Anniversary! Hooray for 2 whole years. Only like a hundred to go. To celebrate, we took the afternoon off and went kayaking at La Jolla Shores. It was such a blast. We were in the ocean, battling the waves, checking out the sea life (we got super close to Sea Lions). We were on a private tour, so the guide took us in a couple of caves , taught us how to surf the waves in our kayak, and let us get out at a couple of places and check out the underwater creatures using his goggles. I literally got out and swam with sharks. They were Leopard Sharks which are supposed to be very calm and passive, but it was still pretty intense for me. I was the only one in the water (Adam and the guide were on their kayaks) and there is just something psychologically disturbing about being in the water alone and hearing people above the water saying "look at that shark!" , "oh there is a big shark right there!" , and "wow, there is a huge school of sharks, look down, Amanda, they are coming towards you now!". I was ok until I looked down into the water one time and there was a 5 foot (approx) Leopard Shark that swam right underneath me! I was done! I jumped back into my kayak immediately! As we were continueing on, I asked our guide if there were any other sharks in these waters, he grinned and said in his thick French accent "maybe a few Thresher." I know for a fact that Thresher are not calm or mild.After our exciting adventure at sea, Adam and I got dressed up and went to George's at the Cove for dinner. It was awesome. We had reservations for the Ocean Terrace, so we were able to look out over La Jolla Cove while we dined. I don't say this lightly, but I think the dinner I had there was one of the top ten meals I have ever eaten. I had the Chef's Special: Alaskan Halibut. After our delicious meal, we stopped by The Yogurt Mill. Oh yeah, I love it.We had such a great day. I love going on adventures with Adam. Everything is more fun when we are together!


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