April 6, 2009


Deep inside my heart it grows,
like a weed in a garden
no one knows
Jealous of my friend and foe
rooted in evil and watered each day,
there is no escape.
I feel like prey.
In every circumstance I speak to a mirror;
"Why not me?"
"They don't deserve..."
"But I have been good."
-It couldn't be any clearer.
I get angry over the smallest treat,
resolving my pride is too great a feat.
My dreams are quickly slipping away;
Murder? Theived? I sink in defeat.
Have I not been who I was supposed to be?
Did I not follow You to a tee?
Or is it...
that this was never about me?
I have spent so much time.
I have wasted so much emotion.
It's so clear to me now, I set this weed into motion.
The only way out is the only way in,
I must die to myself,
to live again.

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