May 4, 2010

Glimmer in the Rubble

Tonight on the way home from ministry in the tent city, we were surrounded by gems of hope - fresh construction in Port-Au-Prince.  Originally I was so distracted by the mass amount ot destruction that the totallity of the project seemed extremely overwhelming, even impossible.  Even so, tonight our eyes were opened to the physical progress that the Haitians are making.  On the way back to our base, we passed trucks full of wood beams, pipes, and rock.  We saw men on the side of the streets shoveling rubble and clearing sidewalks.  Our team observed more men rebuilding roofs and crushing rocks by hand to make cement.  Our eyes were opened to some things we hadn't seen before, beyond the trauma, there is a resiliance in the Haitian people that will help them see their land restored.

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