May 4, 2010

A Deal With the Devil

We were told a story today that changed my whole perspective on the earthquake.  Once upon a time, Haiti was owned by France. Much of Haiti was enslaved by France and greatly desired their freedom, which the French would have no part of.  The Haitian government made a treaty with Satan, that if he would help them gain independence, he could have control of Haiti for 200 years. Haiti gained their freedom and enslaved their souls.  Their national religion became voodoo.  Most Haitians believe that 2009 marked the end of the contract Haiti had made with the devil.  As the dark age came to the end, Pastor's and Missionaries all over Haiti came together praying that God would "Shake whatever is shakeable".  And God did that.  What we see in the physical is God having mercy on His children, shaking off this curse and giving His children new life.  From every report we have heard, the church of Jesus Christ is exploding in this country.

Acts 2:47 "And each day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved."

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