May 17, 2010


   So there is one story that I have told over and over again about Haiti.  I haven't written about this story here, seems to big for words.  My typed words cannot describe what I saw, experienced.

It started the day we went to see Evansbord in his tent. (If you havent read about him, please check out my entry entitled "Invincible" before reading this entry.)  His condition moved us and we agreed that our great big God could touch this young man's life.  We prayed for him every time we entered his tent.  One day, our physical therapist, Tiffany, went to visit him hoping to give his mother some exercises.  As she examined Evansbord, she soon looked bewildered, telling us that she couldn't find anything physically wrong with him.
   The next day, Thursday morning, several members of our team went into Evansbord's tent with a brand new resolve.  As we talked to his mother, we soon learned that after Evansbord had suffered from a seizure at 2 months old, she had taken him to a voodoo doctor to stop the seizures.  The doctor had given her some steps that would "help" his situation, but after another month, her baby was sicker than before.  Evansbord's mother then took him to a medical doctor.  His diagnosis?  There is nothing physically wrong with her son, the problem is spiritual.
  It was then that we realized that God had saved Evansbord's life in that Earthquake for a larger purpose than we had realized.  We began to pray and intercede for Evansbord.  We prayed for 2 and a half hours.  We felt strongly that this young man needed to be baptized, so we grabbed a large tarp and filled it with all the water we could find, using the water from our water bottles.  We baptized Evansbord and then went to lunch.

  When we returned from lunch, Evansbord's mother was glowing from ear to ear, "The evil spirit has left my son!"  Evansbord was laughing and his eyes were focusing on objects, he was mimicking noises and motions with his hands.  By Friday morning, a boy who has never left the fetal position, crawled across the tent to look outside!  By Friday afternoon, Evansbord was speaking full sentences in Creole and playing catch with a ball!  Many friends of the family came into their tent and celebrated with Evansbord's mother, they were witnesses to what God had done.  THIS WAS A MIRACLE.  God healed Evansbord.  I was so honored to be there.  Thank you, God for using me.

If you want to read this story from another perspective, check out: 
This is written from the perspective of my friend, Stephanie.  There is also a short video clip of the baptism.

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