June 9, 2010

#195 Calm Before the Storm

A dead silence grips the air.

The ground is moistened and a cool damp wind hisses through the trees.

The smell of rain mixed with the pleasant air, fills my lungs.

With it comes the calm before the storm.

The green plants drip with the cold water from past rains as another soft gust of air passes me by.

The land is covered with a light wet fog of moisture.

The light gray clouds swirl into a distant, dark, angry sea of sky.

Aside from the soft sway and hiss of the trees; dead silence.

This calm hush over the land is a tranquil getaway for the mind to be at ease.

The land, in all of its complexities, awaits with me for the inevitable storm.

The sound of distant thunder breaks the silence and slides across the darkening sky.

The clouds above take the light from the sky as if they envied the sun's presents.

Almost like an invisible snake, another cool breeze slivers though the distant field of grass and peacefully caresses my shoulders as it passes by.

I try to soak up the remainder of this peaceful moment, as the storm moves ever closer.

The air is now filled with a slightly agitated sky, the storm, towering, impermeable, and determined to destroy this placid moment, stretches and pulls to fulfill its mission.

The still calm and peaceful land seems to know as well as I, that there is no stopping this darkness that is soon to come.

The storm is now almost upon me and it smothers the remaining land before it with a thick curtain of water.

Only the hope and faith that the storm will be over to reveal another peaceful moment are now left.

The hope and fact that there, as inevitable as the storm's path, will be another peaceful moment worth seeing, feeling, and living is all the reason to wait through the darkness.

Author Unknown by me.

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