July 10, 2010

The Lady in the White Car.

Warning:  This is a graphic read.
     Adam and I were pulling into our apartment complex tonight when we saw it. Adam saw it, I heard it.  Two cars collided, one while screeching on its side after tumbling throught the air.  As Adam screamed, I looked to see the aftermath of a horrible accident.  We both jumped out of the car, running to the scene; me, with my cell phone dialing 911.  A semi-elderly couple were climbing out of the chrystler clutching various cuts and possible broken bones.  I told the 911 operator our location, what the cars looked like, and what I had (hadn't) seen. She asked "Does it look like there is anyone trapped inside?"  I looked toward the car accident and saw a picture that haunts me.  A small river of blood ran down the street toward my feet.  "Yes.  Someone is trapped inside",  Adam was walking away from that river with tears in his eyes.  The events that followed, the sights I saw, I cannot share here.  What I will share is that the lady in the white car didn't make it.  She was alive when she passed Adam and I driving down the street an hour ago, but she isn't alive right now.
    I am changed.  I keep thinking about this young woman that I don't know, will never know.  Who was she?  Are there children who are motherless now?  A husband who lost his love?  Will someone be called on Monday and told that she won't be at work?  More important than any of that right now is where is she now? 
     I walked into our living room and sat on the couch quietly.  I was going to get on Facebook, then maybe go swimming, drink a soda.  None of that even mattered anymore.  Where was this woman spending eternity?  That is what mattered.  And there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.  She was totally gone.  The chance to tell her about the saving power of Jesus Christ was in the past now.  Her decision had already been made.  What a crater there is in my heart.  My gut has been wrenched.  See here's the kicker:  today, I spent 5 hours sitting in front of Albertson's Grocery store, the hub of my little town.  There is a greater-than-normal chance that I saw this woman today.  I might have looked in her eyes, shook her hand, even watched her walk in the far entrance of the store in order to avoid the rowdy teenagers selling baked goods in front of the store.  That's not what gets me, what gets me is that IT DOESN'T MATTER IF I SAW HER TODAY.  I told no one I saw about the eternal security of my Saviour.  "God bless you" did not save anyone's life today.  The brownies we sold had a greater chance of giving someone food poisening than it did give someone a chance at hope.  I was focused on my day, my responsibilities, not my real mission.  As someone who knows the TRUTH, I must be aware of my surroundings.  God, don't let me miss an oppurtunity.
     Lady in the white car, I'm praying for those who loved you.

"How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone."  - James 4:14


  1. Tragic, yet all true. Moments like these and those similar, we truly get a glimpse of how fragile life is and our purpose for the days we've been given.

  2. God bless YOU today sister, thank you for your awareness and witnessing. May you know comfort today.

  3. She was a young woman just beginning her life, a friend of my son's. We are all devastated and holding our loved ones a bit closer as we ponder the fragility of life.

  4. She was only 19, and went to school with my kids. Just a young girl, such an enormous loss to her family and friends, such a loss for the future she should have had. Please, everyone, slow down and drive defensively. And RIP Chelsea, my prayers are with you and your loved ones.

  5. I knew her, and for the record she was a wonderful person.

  6. she was a great woman, and a good friend of mine. ironic that you were talking about albertsons because yesterday was her first day working there. thats the reason she was in alpine.


  8. Amanda- Thank you for your inspiring words. We are realatives of Chelsea. We are all taking this very hard so I ask that you keep us in your prayers. No need to worry, she had a relationship with Christ. May God bless you and your family.

  9. Chelsea Marie Jenner- Beautiful, wonderful, amazing, always smiling. Happy-go- lucky. She was my "sissy", my "mini-me"... she ment no harm by the accident and it just goes to show that you never know what breath will be your last. She knew a lot of love and never held a grudge. She didn't deserve to pass, but god has his reasons for everything. She comes from a huge family and we all love her very much. We are suffering from a tremendous loss. Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts and for caring. It means a lot. Tonight we will all me at the scene of the accident at 6pm for a candle-lit ceremony. Rest in Peace my love. Watch over us all and we will always look up to you from down here. See you in heaven

  10. Friends and family of Chelsea, Thank you so much for sharing this young lady's memories with me. My husband and I attended the candle-lit ceremony this evening and it was beautiful to see the way Chelsea made everyone of you so happy. She was obviously very special and I'm so honored to have had this glimpse of her life. We continue to pray for all of you affected by this tragic loss.

  11. I am one of Chelsea's Best Friends. Amanda..I thank you very much for your kind words and prayers. Chelsea was a wonderful person and is greatly missed by many.
    Her birthday is fast approching and we are having a Chelsea Celebration at my house, where we are having a memorial bench and beach put in, and spreading some of her ashes.
    I cant help but feel connected to you and your husband after talking to you at the candle-lit.
    I would like to extend an invitation to you and your husband to come to the party. There will also be swimming,horseshoes,bbqing...everything chelsea would have done on her birthday.
    Please feel free to email me.
    We would love if you both could make it.

    miss you bff...