March 24, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

Last July, I took a photo of myself and as I loaded it onto my laptop, I noticed something very distinct about the photo. As I studied it closer, I realized what the strange familiarity about this picture mother. The picture of me looked just like a picture of my mother at my age, that I saw once. I was very suprised to say the least. I laughed it off as a fluke. Until this weekend when it happened again. Another photo with that same look in my eyes, curve of the mouth, tilt of the head. Folks, I’m turning into my mother. Sigh. Luckily, It’s not looking like my mother that bothers me. I mean, I am my mother’s daughter and this happens to most women eventually, rather, it’s the fact that my mother is old. Let me explain, My mom is 50-something, which isn’t terribly old, but in my eyes she has always been sooo much older than me. You know how it is when you are ten and your parents are in their 30s and you are like "oh my gaw, they are so old and out of touch". Well, that gap is closing (not literally, she will always be 27 years older than me). In about a month and a half I’ll be the big 25. I don’t think of 25 as "so old", nor do I feel super old, but the fact remains that time is flying by. Anyway, all of this to say its an odd feeling when it happens to you. No longer do I just see Amanda in the mirror, I see a little bit of Yvonne too.

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