April 8, 2010

2 Weeks and 3 Days

I'm going to Haiti in 2 weeks and I'm not prepared. Adam and I decided to go about 6 weeks ago. We didn't have the money and we knew it. We sent out letters to friends and family asking us to help us go on this trip. Not surprisingly, God has provided for us. I should trust Him more. I was pretty stressed, but He provided everything we needed. Actually, we were preparing for Haiti and we found out that our taxes were going to be like $1500 and I got very stressed. I knew we couldn't do it all, there was no back up plan but God's faithfulness. In the end, God has provided for all of it! We will step into May debt free! I'm so thankful for a God who directs my path. He is certaintly loving and kind. It's not the financial side I'm concerned about. Emotionally, I'm not sure I'm fully prepared. Everytime I see photos or read articles, I weep. What if I go to Haiti and cry for 7 days straight?! I don't know if I will be taken seriously, but maybe I will be taken more seriously. We will see. I've been looking at the daily photos from picturesofhaiti.com/photos. The pictures give me an idea of what I will encounter, and of who I will encounter. God give me hope, so I can deliver it to your people.

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