June 6, 2008

The Great Reward

I know when I'm on the right path. There is this peace in my heart that beats to the tune of "this is what I was made for." I may not feel good everyday. I'm not ALWAYS miss "happy-go-lucky". Sometimes I still want to sleep all day instead of getting out of bed. Occassionally I get madly homesick. Yada-yada. My life is so not about that. Jesus saved my life and I have to share it. That's where I'm at. You know what's funny? Ministry can be tough (is tough), but there are so many rewards. Yeah, there is Heaven. But, fortunately before death, there are so many more rewarding moments that are hidden in the "OMG"s and the "Are you for real?"s. I've gotten many of these lately. The blinks that say "I didn't know." The written words "I learned it at Church." The stories of the quiet ones being not-so-quiet. I am glad to be a part of this ministry team. The team of Chozen Leadership, the team of Pastors at Bethel Christian Assembly, the team of A/G ministers, the team of Christians who are spreading the Words of Jesus. Yeah, the greatest pre-death rewards come when we are right where He wants us.

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